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Hi, I'm Nicola.  I understand that reaching out can feel like a daunting prospect, however many of us experience times in our life when we feel that stressors outweigh our ability to cope, and we become overwhelmed by our problems.   

  • Are you feeling depressed, anxious, or low in confidence?

  • Are you self-critical with negative thoughts or persistent worry which you feel unable to control?

  • Perhaps you've lost your motivation, or fear and panic is a barrier to doing the things you used to enjoy? 

Sometimes these difficulties can appear suddenly, however often they build up as a result of one or more life events. These may be recent situations, or experiences from childhood or adolescence.


We are all unique individuals and so is our experience of emotional distress. However, one thing we all have in common is our need for understanding, connection and shared experience.  

"By changing nothing, nothing changes"


How often do we wish things were different but just wait and hope, assuming that one day things will just fall into place?

Therapy can help you to be proactive and take control of your life. By working together, we can develop a shared understanding of your problems, and develop new ways of managing them. We both have an important role to play in this process, with you the expert in your own life and experiences, and myself sharing knowledge of cognitive behavioural skills.

I believe it is important for you to feel safe, valued and supported within this process and you can be assured that I will treat you with kindness, empathy and respect.

If you're ready to start making changes, you can book an appointment using the following details, or by clicking the quick links (at the top of the page on desktop, or at the bottom if accessing this site via a mobile device).


I look forward to working with you.



Tel: 07765 785304